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Imagine Being Kidnapped, Taken to the Kidnapper's Property and then Being Arrested ...

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Imagine Being Kidnapped, Taken to the Kidnapper's Property and then Being Arrested for Criminal Trespass––on a Public Sidewalk.

Andre Evans & Associates, PLLC, filed a Complaint in May 2019, in the Harris County District Courts on behalf of Eric Hunter against Houston Police Department Officer Matthew Singer, the City of Houston, as well as Uval Vanunu, the owner of 3B Auto Sales and Carlos Benavides, an employee. Mr. Hunter alleges that the Defendants engaged in unconscionable tortious conduct, including without limitation, violating his civil rights, during an incident stemming from an unlawful repossession of a vehicle in Houston, Texas.

Eric Hunter purchased a car from 3B Auto Sales and was making timely monthly payments on his vehicle for approximately a year and half. However, Mr. Hunter lost his job and fell behind on his payments by $250 and with only four months left of payments. On November 13, 2017, Eric Hunter had his vehicle–and place of residence–unlawfully repossessed, followed by being abducted and transported across town to the 3B Auto Sales car lot against his will, only to then to be arrested for criminally trespassing on the private property he was involuntarily transported to. To keep in step with the day Mr. Hunter was having, Officer Singer and Carlos Benavides (who kidnapped Hunter) physically assaulted the already frightened and emotionally distraught Mr. Hunter.

Despite Mr. Hunter being on a public sidewalk, on the phone with a 911 dispatcher requesting–again–that a supervisor make the scene, he was still arrested for criminal trespass and resisting arrest. At no point did Mr. Hunter voluntary enter the 3B Auto Sales car lot.

Mr. Hunter criminal trespass and resisting arrest charges are still pending in County Court in Harris County, Texas.



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